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Why Choose Us

What are the advantages of using BCERT Consulting Pty Ltd over Council for building certification?

As town planners working with building certification, we are able to offer more to our clientele than most town planning firms.  We pride ourselves on our high success rate, often saving our clients precious dollars; paying attention to detail, and taking time to explain the processes which gives people a sense of security that they are on the right track.  

  • The turnaround is generally much quicker because we have your interests in mind
  • Industry knowledge - Our certifier has over 20 years of experience as a building certifier, as well as working in senior management at councils.  He is also been the principal certifier and director of BCERT Consulting Pty Ltd and we are in our ninth year of business.
  • With 12 years of experience working in the building industry as a carpenter this gives our building certifier extensive insight as to what will practically work on the job
  • BCERT consulting offers services all across Queensland
  • BCERT Consulting provides a one stop shop for Town Planning and Building certification
  • Our town planner is able to work closely with the building certifier to ensure that all issues are addressed from the earliest stage, ensuring less likelihood of delays at a future point.   She is both a qualified town planner as well studying building certification, and has worked with our building certifier for many years prior to the inception of BCERT Consulting Pty Ltd, so has an integral understanding of the processes involved.  
  • Our certifier and town planner provide onsite meetings/preliminary meetings where we talk our clients through step by step and show them onsite what the issues are.
  • We have close affiliations with other consultants who can assist with both the town planning and the building certification process.  
  • Some of the companies who have used our services include F.K. Gardner & Sons, Hutchinson’s Builders, the Wagner Group, Rio Tinto, Santos, Pritab, Top of the Range Builders, Ray Western Construction, Ron Cullen Homes and many more.